Who we are is a culmination of our life experiences. Growing up, my dad could fix anything. In fact I don’t recall every having someone come to the house to fix a thing. I learned a lot watching and later helping him. I was also fortunate to grow up during a time when shop classes were offered in schools.

My hobbies have always reflected the “hands on” experiences of my youth. Pen making started as a hobby but soon grew into a larger entity on its own. I enjoy the challenge that new materials bring. My hope is that the recipients of the pens I have made will enjoy using and owning them as much as I have enjoyed making them.


I have always appreciated a nice looking, fine writing pen. Finding that I could make pens myself, I started creating pieces from woods in my shop. After making numerous pens, which honed my skills, I began using more expensive materials. Starting with oak, walnut and other pieces from my shop, I then moved on to acrylics, stabilized woods, deer antler, horn, exotic woods and other materials. At the same time I began using finishes such as titanium, platinum, copper and others. Once I was able to create quality handcrafted writing instruments, I decided to take the next logical step and make them available for sale on a web site. I must give credit and my thanks to Adam Schwartz and the very talented folks at Computer Courage in Berkeley, California that created this site which reflects the quality of the product offered here.


After years of perfecting the skills to create quality handcrafted writing instruments I am now ready to make these unique items available for discerning people. The pens and pencils on this site are only those which pass a critical quality control examination which maintains the overall excellence of every item sold here. The materials used are superior to anything one might find in an average retail store. Each pen is handcrafted individually and surpasses any mass produced pen in quality, appearance and design. As a gift for a special person or for your own use, a purchase from this site will not disappoint even the most discriminating pen enthusiast.

The purchase of a high quality handcrafted writing instrument created by Stephen Breazeale assures the consumer that they own a one of a kind piece. Due to the variance in grain patterns and color in wood there are no two pens alike.