unique Laminated rollerball pen



This beautiful rollerball pen is made from three woods laminated together into a 3/4″ X 5″ pen blank. It is comprised of Maple (light wood), Walnut (brown wood) and Wenge (dark wood). The blank is cut to create the body piece and the cap piece then designed to line up when closed. These two pieces are turned on the lathe to the proper dimensions then finished to create a one of a kind pen.

The pen features a stunning blend of Gold and Chrome finishes that truly makes this a distinct pen of elegant beauty. The unique faceted cap accent ring and the diamond-cut accented clip reflect the light giving the appearance of changing shades of gold. This Rollerball pen includes a premium Schmidt ceramic refill which is available at office supply stores or on this site.

Shipped free in a gift box by USPS priority mail.

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