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This pen features a body designed by award winning pen maker Don Vann. After Mr. Vann creates and casts the body in clear acrylic, I turn the pen blank down to make the body of this pen. It was matched with gun metal and black finishes on the hardware to create this unique pen.

24k gold plated cartridge style pen with a red, white and blue acrylic body. This is the perfect pen for the patriotic shooter or hunter in your life.
This is a twist pen and uses a Parker style ink filler. The standard ball point filler has been upgraded with a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 Ballpoint Refill that combines the advantages of a ballpoint refill with the ‘liquid ink’ feel of a rollerball. Standard Parker style fillers are available at office supply stores or on this site. Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 refills are available on this site.

The pen ships free and includes a gift box.

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