"I have two guilty pleasures in life, good cigars and fountain pens. I was introduced to Steve Breazeale through a friend who had recently received a custom pen from him that had a very beautiful cigar band incorporated into the body. My curiosity was instantly piqued and my relationship with Steve soon started.

From the very first call, it was evident that Steve takes great pride in craftsmanship and the final product he ships to the customer. I provided two of my favorite cigar bands and we discussed the details of body style, nib choice and placement of every detail. Obviously "Quality Pens" is an understatement given the artisanal sense of detail Steve had with my order.

Throughout the process, I was updated and informed on the progress. Steve wouldn't release the pen until it met his standards, which exceeded mine. Quality and value for an avid pen collector are definitely evident in the pen I ultimately received. I am very pleased with every aspect of this purchase, especially the unique and fine writing instrument I now possess. Thanks."

JV | Santa Rosa, CA


You are an amazing artist we could not be more pleased. We will be telling everyone we can about you once we introduce our new pen! Seriously this is more than a pen thank you for putting your heart into these beautiful works of art.


Matthew & Stephanie

| Santa Rosa, CA

I have been a pen collector off and on for many years and I love to pick up unique pens. They don't have to be expensive, although I do like good workmanship, but I also value pens that are different from those you might see every day. I recently ordered a cigar-themed pen from Steve, which was not only a fine writing instrument, but was reasonably priced and also allowed me to choose my own pen style.

Steve not only shows great care and attention to detail in his work, but also provides great customer service. After ordering my first pen from Steve, I immediately ordered a second one. That's how much I enjoyed the experience. Steve has a wide array of great pens to choose from and you can also order a one-of-a-kind edition. I can highly recommend HANDCRAFTED PENS by Steve Breazeale!

David "Doc" Diaz, Ed.D.
Publisher & Editor, Stogie Fresh Cigar Publications

| California